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Green Lantern Logo Sticker

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Shining the light for truth and justice, the Green Lantern protects the inhabitants of earth with a determined heart and unearthly superpowers. Let his awesome emblem cover your decorative space via the Green Lantern Logo Sticker. A mystical Greek inspired lantern symbol displays grandly over his costumed chest. It follows the classic color scheme of the strong willed Emerald Crusader. This sticker features a green lantern symbol on a white circular background. Add this fantastic DC Comics sticker to your Green Lantern and Justice League collection.

Key Features:

    • Die cut vinyl superhero themed sticker
    • Designed with the mystical logo of the Emerald Crusader
    • Features a Greek-like lantern symbol against a white circular background
    • The perfect gift for Green Lantern and Justice League fans


    • Approximate Size: 4 Inches


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