Green Lantern Bust Paperweight

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Do you have troubles with villains invading your desk space and shuffling up all of your loose papers? Well Green Lantern is here to help! Keep your desk organized and protected from villainy with the Green Lantern Bust Paperweight. Made of cold cast resin, this paperweight is a licensed DC Comics product that fans of Hal, Kyle, and John alike will be sure to enjoy displaying. This paperweight is hand-painted to resemble the intergalactic superhero Green Lantern, wearing his signature suit and mask with his mighty fists outstretched. A green base featuring the Green Lantern logo is included as well. Display your love for Green Lantern in your home or office with this Green Lantern Bust Paperweight!

Key Features:

  • Made from cold cast resin
  • Painted by hand for striking attention to detail
  • Depicts the Flash from DC Comics
  • Licensed DC Comics product
  • Ideal for organization and a fun decoration


  • Height: 5 Inches


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