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Unlike the Romans, the earlier Greek soldiers favored the spear as their primary weapon, and looking at this Greek Spear, it is easy to see why. The Greek Spear is made to take advantage of a long reach coupled with a devastating, leaf-bladed spear tip. This spear consists of a long shaft of wood that has been mounted with lethal-looking spear tip, as well as a wickedly pointed butt-spike on the reverse end. The spear-tip features a long, leaf-bladed design that delivers wicked thrusts that leave wide, deep gashes. The pointed butt-spike allows for the spear to be mounted in the ground with ease, while also doubling as a second spear-point should it be necessary. The pole of this spear measures approximately 83 inches long, while the spear head measures approximately 17 inches long. This Greek Spear is exactly the weapon that any hoplite, whether he was from Athens or Sparta, would have preferred to carry into battle. It goes without saying that this impressive weapon would also look great on display in any collectors decor.

Key Features:

  • Patterned After the Spears of Ancient Greece
  • Possesses a Tall Hardwood Shaft
  • Features a Leaf-Bladed Spear Tip
  • Also Features a Pointed Butt-Spike
  • Looks Great with Greek Hoplite and Soldier Costumes
  • A Fantastic Decorative Piece or Display Item


  • Pole Length: 83 Inches
  • Head Length: 17 Inches


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