Gorgeous Gladiator Women’s Costume

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Just because you fight in the pit does not mean you have to give up all sense of self and style. The best gladiators can maintain personal style and be great fighters. Thus we have the Gorgeous Gladiator Womens Costume, which offers function and beauty combined. This costume blends a flattering dress style with gladiator-styled costume armor to make a woman feel both fierce and fashionable at the same time! It features a single-piece dress that has a long, high slit red skirt and a brown bodice styled to look like a leather cuirass embellished with antique gold designs. The waist even features hanging belt flaps, that were typical features of Roman armor. Also included with the costume is a pair of brown cuffs to simulate wrist armor. All that needs to be provided is a suitable pair of shoes, and the costume is ready to go. At Halloween, the Gorgeous Gladiator Womens Costume is a great choice to wear. Easy to wear and historically inspired with a touch of fantasy, this costume is great for parties, holidays, and other special events.

Key Features:

  • Superior quality Halloween costume
  • Includes dress with attached faux armor details and wrist cuffs
  • Bodice of dress features ornate golden tone detail
  • Great for costume parties and Halloween
  • Fantastic base fir a Roman reenactment or festival costume


  • Made from polyester fabrics with vinyl detail


  • Small: Bust – 33-34.5 Inches, Waist – 25-26.5 Inches, Hips – 35.5-37 Inches
  • Medium: Bust – 35-36.5 Inches, Waist – 27-28.5 Inches, Hips – 37.5-39 Inches
  • Large: Bust – 37-39.5 Inches, Waist – 29-31.5 Inches, Hips – 39.5-42 Inches
  • X-Large: Bust – 40-43 Inches, Waist – 32-35 Inches, Hips – 42.5-45.5 Inches


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