Gold Plated James VI Gem Necklace


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Simple in shape but elegant in design, this Gold Plated James VI Gem Necklace is modeled after the jewelry favored by James VI during his reign. Included with this necklace is a full-color card that features historical information about King James VI. James was born in 1566 to Mary Queen of Scots and her second husband, the Lord Darnley. At the age of 13 months, he became the king of Scots in 1567 following his mothers forced abdication. Later, he was also crowned James I of England, after the death of Queen Elizabeth. This pendant is circular in shape and features elegant, engraved knotwork designs on its surface, while the center is adorned with a faux gemstone (which comes in either red or blue). The pendant is made from lead-free pewter and plated in 22ct gold, and it is supplied with a gold plated chain for ease of wearing. You do not have to be a king to enjoy this Gold Plated James VI Gem Necklace. In fact, it is simple enough that you can wear and enjoy it no matter how you are dressed, making it a great personal accessory and a fantastic gift idea.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Lead-Free Pewter
  • Attractively Plated in 22ct Gold
  • Features a Faux Gemstone Accent (Comes in Blue or Red)
  • A Perfect Accent With Any Outfit
  • Can Be Worn for Special Occasions or with Everyday Attire
  • A Great Gift or Personal Accessory
  • Comes with Historical Information
  • Includes a Silver Chain


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