Gold Officer’s Hat Cord



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This is a replacement hat cord for the Union Slouch Hat and the Confederate Slouch Hat. Decorative cords were often wrapped around an officer hat to help distinguish them from other soldiers on the field of battle, as well as to enhance their appearance. This cord consists of a double-wrapped yellow-gold chord with two decoratively knotted ends, as well as a knotted bead that allows the cord to be slipped and pulled tight around the crown of any hat. This cord comes in two sizes, medium and large. The medium is designed to replace the hat cord on the Union and Confederate Slouch Hats in size medium, while the large will fit both hats in size large and size x-large.

Key Features:

  • Replacement Cords for Slouch Hats
  • Crafted from Vibrant Gold-Yellow Fabric
  • Available In Two Sizes
  • Great for Civil War And Slouch Hats of All Sorts


  • Medium: Fits Medium Slouch Hats
  • Large: Fits Large and X-Large Slouch Hats


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