Girls Medieval Maiden Dress


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This is one dress that suits princess and peasant alike! The Girls Medieval Maiden Dress is designed to accent youthful beauty while showing off a classic style that suits a girl of any rank or status from the medieval era. The dress is made entirely from fine viscose linen fabric, which is a light and airy fabric that makes this garment incredibly comfortable to wear. Its design is very straight-forward and subdued, making it a classic choice for casual medieval wear. The gown is full-length, falling around the ankles of the wearer (depending on wearer height and leg length, this can vary slightly), while also featuring bell sleeves for added historical appeal. The dress features two different colors, as well – the front and back, shoulders, and upper sleeves are finished in the accent color, while the sides and bell sleeves are finished in the primary color. The dress is offered in three color variations, as well as in three different sizes, so that girls of all ages can enjoy this dress with ease. For a peasant or a serf, this dress constitutes a nice sort of attire, to be worn for festivals and gatherings. To a princess or noble, this Girls Medieval Maiden Dress is a casual attire to wear around the castle or for informal gatherings. Either way, though, the girl who wears this dress is beyond to look beautiful.

Key Features:

  • A Girls Dress Made from Viscose Linen Fabrics
  • Features a Double-Layered Look and Design
  • Decorated in Two Color Tones
  • A Beautiful and Comfortable Garment to Wear
  • Perfect for Costuming, Gifting, Fair Going, and More


  • Small: Fits girls aged 6-8 years
  • Medium: Fits girls aged 9-11 years
  • Large: Fits girls aged 12-14 years


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