German StG 44 Assault Rifle with Shoulder Sling


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Many historians consider the StG 44, developed by Germany in World War II, to be the first modern assault rifle to see major deployment. This German StG 44 Assault Rifle with Shoulder Sling is a realistic-looking replica of that ground-breaking firearm. This impressive rifle was also known under earlier designations as the MP 43 and the MP 44, which are actually earlier developments of this rifle and thus, possess similar functions but with small differences in appearance. The StG in the name stands for sturmgewehr, which translates literally to storm rifle. The reference is, of course, that this is the rifle to use when storming or assaulting an enemy. The name stuck, and assault rifles were gradually adopted as the weapon of choice for militaries around the globe. This replica impressively recreates the first assault rifle in stunning detail, as the replica possesses a wooden stock and solid metal construction, which gives the rifle a realistic look and feel, as well as a good, solid weight that compares back the original StG 44 quite nicely. The rifle also has an ejecting magazine and a functional trigger and bolt mechanism. All this adds up, ensuring that when you hold this replica, you will feel like you are holding the real thing. It measures approximately 36.5 inches long, features a cut-out in the stock, and comes complete with a leather shoulder sling for easy carrying. As a collectible, this German StG 44 Assault Rifle with Shoulder Sling is just what a collector would want, possessing a rich and realistic appearance that makes this rifle look like brand-new. And even better, if need-be, you can take it off the gun rack or mantel and use it as a great weapon for theatrics and reenactment, where its realistic appearance will truly be appreciated.

Key Features:

  • A Detailed Replica of the German StG 44 Rifle
  • Possesses a Realistic Look and Feel
  • Trigger and Bolt Mechanism Work
  • Has an Ejecting Magazine and Shoulder Strap
  • A Non-Firing Replica
  • A Great Collectible, Prop, or Gift Idea


  • Made from a Zinc Alloy
  • Features a Wood Stock


  • Length: 36.5 Inches
  • Weight: 11 lbs.


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