German Knight 3/4 Steel Leg Armor


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You march towards the river to meet the enemy before they attack the kingdom. You are ready with armour like the German Knight 3/4 Steel Leg Armor. Made from 16 gauge mild steel, this leg armour comes as a set of two. They have a polished finish and secure to the legs with three sets of straps. The steel armour consists of cuisses attached to polyens. The polyens have a main piece that covers the front of the knee. There is an additional piece below the knee that covers a portion of the lower leg. Also, there are round fins for protecting the outside of the knees. These pieces articulate for greater mobility.

Next, the cuisses feature a two-piece design. The main piece on each leg armour connects to the polyens. This piece has an inverted scalloped top edge. This edge is higher on the outside of the thighs. There are additional plates that sit higher on the thigh and behind the main thigh plates. Riveting attaches the pieces of armor together. Riveting also attaches the top plates to leather strips. These leather strips each have four holes for attaching to other armour pieces, not included. The pieces below the knee plates have a vertical line of holes that also help to attach other pieces of armour. Finally, the streamlined look of the leg armour works with a variety of medieval characters. The German Knight 3/4 Steel Leg Armor is ideal for reenactments, cosplay events, and stage fighting.

As this item is crafted by hand, slight variations in color and detail may occur.

Key Features:

  • Comes as a set of two
  • Fins for protecting the sides of the knees
  • Holes for attaching other armour, not included
  • Great for a variety of characters
  • Wonderful for reenacting and stage fighting


  • Made from 16 gauge mild steel

Care Instructions:

  • To properly maintain your steel armour, always keep the metal pieces away from water and lightly oiled to prevent rusting. Occasionally clean the armour with metal polish and re-oil them. Leather care products must be used to maintain the leather fittings as well.


  • Thigh Length: 13.5 Inches
  • Thigh Width Across Back: 7.5 Inches
  • Knee Length: 9 Inches


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