Garden of Dark Desires Necklace

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Few symbols reference as powerful a thing as karmic love, a love where each cruelty and selfish tendency is returned in kind. The black roses on the Garden of Dark Desires Necklace can symbolize so powerful a feeling. Three black roses sit bound together, each masterfully crafted and set with a single white crystal at its center. From each, a small chain suspends a small black sphere, along with another crystal. From the two smallest black roses, a single white crystal hangs, like pale, frozen tears from a rose that cannot help but hurt the ones it loves. From the largest, centered rose, instead hangs a darker crystal, embedded in a tear-drop-like frame. These roses and their hanging crystals are attached by chains to the greater band, which goes around the neck of the wearer. The Garden of Dark Desires Necklace sheds beautiful crystalline tears, such that it creates an item of great beauty.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted from pewter
  • Comes on a ribbon
  • Displays black roses and crystal elements
  • Goes great with gothic ensembles
  • Makes a fantastic gift or personal accessory


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