Forest Patina Square Spiral Fantasy Bracelet


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When you are an elf or a forest nymph, the right item can truly complete your outfit like the Forest Patina Square Spiral Fantasy Bracelet. This copper bracelet has an open cuff design. This makes it slightly adjustable. It features a green and brown patina on the outside of the band. Wavy lines form the edges of the band. In the center, there are a pair of square-shaped spirals. They have curled spirals ends. Leave shapes adorn the space around and in between the spirals. The leaves on each side of the band face a different direction than the ones on the opposite side. This forest patina bracelet cuff adds unique style to any fantasy or modern-day look.

Key Features:

  • Has a green-brown patina
  • Features square spirals and leaf shapes
  • Gently adjustable to fit most wrists
  • Adds a unique touch to an outfit
  • Works well with medieval and modern looks


  • Made from copper


  • Adjusts to fit most wrists


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