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Romans were a clever lot, and also a people sometimes concerned with creature comforts. After all, why sit on the ground when you could take a chair with you? This Folding Roman Stool is easy to carry along, and it certainly beats sitting on the ground! Crafted entirely from solid wood, this handsome stool echoes the look of a fine piece of Roman camping gear that the Legions might have brought along when they marched, especially to make senators, generals, and higher-stationed individuals comfortable when and if they participated in war meetings. The stool pivots at four different places, allowing it to be easily folded up or folded out to create a flat surface for any camper, senator, or Caesar to have a place to seat themselves, while also including armrests that are perfect for comfort. And since it is made from solid wood, it offers much more support than any cloth-bottomed stool might provide, too! This Folding Roman Stool will serve you well as a place to park your posterior when you are out in the field – especially when you want a comfortable place to sit after marching all day with your legion!

Key Features:

  • Made Entirely From Hardwood
  • Features Several Pivots for Easy Folding
  • Hardwood Bottom Offers Plenty of Support
  • Also Features Armrests, for Added Comfort
  • A Perfect Camp Accessory and Home Decor Piece


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