Flintlock Rifle


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Despite seeming like a rather primitive form of firearm compared to modern weapons, the flintlock mechanism, which can be seen on our Flintlock Rifle, was a very delicate and high maintenance mechanism. Everything had to be perfect. The Flintlock Rifle is a lightly decorated replica rifle display. The stock of the rifle possesses a wooden handle with accents that are colored to be metallic. The pieces around the barrel are intricately engraved with vine-like patterns, giving this rifle an elegant appearance despite its minimalistic decoration. This handsome replica rifle comes on a plastic display stand, and will bring a unique steampunk touch to any room you decorate with it! Use it as a prop in your steampunk cosplay or give it as a gift to a friend or loved one who enjoys firearms!

Key Features:

  • Displays intricate engravings on the fixtures around the barrel
  • Comes with plastic stand
  • The perfect addition to any steampunk collection or decor
  • An ideal cosplay prop
  • Makes a great gift for collectors and steampunk enthusiasts


  • Handle made from wood
  • Barrel made from plastic
  • Stand made from plastic


  • Length: 28.5 Inches


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