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These ears are the perfect way to give your costume a truly inhuman look, thanks to their distinctive shape. These Fleshy Demon Ears have pointed tips and wide lobes, while still featuring a flesh-colored skin tone. The end result is something that combines the human and inhuman aspects into one impressive application. These ears are made from high quality latex and are easy to apply, as they fit directly over the ear. For the best results, adhere the ears with spirit gum and then blend with flesh latex, before finally applying your makeup. They might be large, but these Fleshy Demon Ears are certainly the way to go whenever you are looking to create a costume that looks vaguely human and yet oddly not, allowing for the creation of a truly impressive look that can be as rooted in fantasy as you desire or as sinister as you wish.

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Key Features:

  • Made from High Quality Latex
  • Spirit Gum, Flesh Latex, or Makeup Not Included
  • Fits Directly Over the Ears
  • Great For Demons, Witches, and Other Sinister Costumes
  • Fantastic for Halloween, Costume Parties, Theatre, and More


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