Flat Ended Butt Cap

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With the discovery of metal, spears became much more effective. In just about all cultures metal butt caps were used to protect the base of the shaft and to add balance to the overall weapon. This butt cap can be used for any spear since the beginning of the Iron Age. Well made from mild steel, this butt cap has a generic look that does not represent any one specific time or place, so it can be for any period. It measures 5 inches, overall.

Made by Windlass.

Key Features:

  • Attach to your own shaft or an Ash Pole
  • Made from quality mild steel
  • Helps to balance your spear


  • Overall Length: 5 Inches
  • Diameter: 1 Inch
  • Weight: 8 oz.

1 review for Flat Ended Butt Cap

  1. Daniel F.

    This butt cap is well made and performs exactly as it should. The manufacturers seal was easily removed with some steel wool with little effort. There is a fair amount of grease on the product (for protection), but it was also easily removed. I would give this item five stars if there was a hole for a pin. Otherwise, it’s just fine.

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