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Our Mens First Mate Boots are top quality footwear made from real leather. These leather Pirate Boots have the signature folded over cuffs and display a traditional style without modern zippers, perfect for any Buccaneer ensemble. Featuring a textured synthetic sole with a 1.5-inch heel, these knee high boots provide traction for swashbuckling and swaggering at any fair. These First Mate Boots will surely be a great addition to your Pirate ensemble.

Key Features:

  • Classic Pirate style with folded cuff
  • Great with Pirate clothing
  • High quality leather boots
  • Have a 1.5 inch heel


  • Made from genuine leather
  • Synthetic sole


  • Size 8: Heel – 1.5 Inches, Calf circumference – 15.25 Inches, Thigh Circumference – 16.75 Inches, Shaft Height – 18.75 Inches
  • Size 9: Heel – 1.5 Inches, Calf circumference – 15.63 Inches, Thigh Circumference – 17.13 Inches, Shaft Height – 19.13 Inches
  • Size 10: Heel – 1.5 Inches, Calf circumference – 16 Inches, Thigh Circumference – 17.5 Inches, Shaft Height – 19.5 Inches
  • Size 11: Heel – 1.5 Inches, Calf circumference – 16.38 Inches, Thigh Circumference – 17.88 Inches, Shaft Height – 19.88 Inches
  • Size 12: Heel – 1.5 Inches, Calf circumference – 16.75 Inches, Thigh Circumference – 18.25 Inches, Shaft Height – 20.25 Inches
  • Size 13: Heel – 1.5 Inches, Calf circumference – 17.13 Inches, Thigh Circumference – 18.63 Inches, Shaft Height – 20.63 Inches
  • Size 14: Heel – 1.5 Inches, Calf circumference – 17.5 Inches, Thigh Circumference – 19 Inches, Shaft Height – 21 Inches

Standard US Mens Shoe size. Runs True to size. These are not available in Wide or Narrow, just Standard.

4 reviews for First Mate Boots

  1. Anonymous

    They fit amazingly! It is so difficult to find costume boots for a size 14. The leather feels a bit thin, however. I was expecting something a bit more rigid.

  2. Robert D.

    These boots were precisely what I had in mind. They are comfortable, though a bit less durable than I would have preferred. However, they are an excellent value for stage use.

  3. Frank R.

    The leather is soft and thin like glove leather. It’s not boot leather.

  4. Gunther A.

    I wear a US size 10 1/2. These boots don’t come in half sizes, so I ordered size 11. They fit like a size 10, but the leather is soft enough that they don’t constrict my feet at all. My pinky toe looks a little silly, sticking out as a bump in the boot the way it does, but they’re perfectly comfortable. I’d order a size larger, rounded up, if I were going to order again.

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