Farkle Dice Game – Maldita Set

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Between quests, adventures, or rounds at the tavern, play a game like the Maldita Set of the Farkle Dice Game to pass some time. This dice game set takes its inspiration from Kingdom Come Deliverance, which includes this style of game as a featured mini game. While the specific game of Farkle is a relatively new dice game, dice games in general have been popular for centuries. Even the Romans would play games with dice. This Maldita set also takes inspiration from the Netflix series Cursed, which revolves around Arthurian legend. Maldita can be translated as cursed or damned.

This tabletop gaming set includes 9 wooden dice, a carrying bag, and an instruction booklet. Six of the dice have pips. The pips have target designs, based on historical Roman dice. Meanwhile, three additional dice have sides with different symbols indicating special effects. These effects will help to change game play and strategy.

Finally, the brown suede bag fastens with a loop and toggle. Riveted onto the front flap is a black label that reads Farkle with intricate detailing. It holds the tavern dice game and instructions. This fantasy dice game makes a fun and functional prop for a variety of characters. You can enjoy a game, whether you are at a historical reenactment or fantasy tavern.

Please note that this item is made by hand from natural materials. Therefore, it may vary slightly from what is shown above.

Key Features:

  • Inspired by Kingdom Come Deliverance mini game
  • Based on historical dice games
  • Includes 9 dice, instructions, and bag
  • Fun and functional prop
  • Great to play with family and friends


  • Dice are wood
  • Bag is suede
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