Fair Maiden Bodice

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Our Fair Maidens Bodice has a very flattering shape with a solid front that is straight across the bust and comes to a v-point at the bottom. This bodice laces up on each side on the front and once in the back. This allows for great adjustability and the perfect fit. Our Fair Maidens Bodice is fully lined and reinforced with durable plastic boning for support. It is a must for any wench, maiden, or steampunk enthusiast. Our bodices provide a desirable flat tummy and a nice boost of support for your bust. When measuring for a bodice, you will take your actual measurement of your bust (not your bra size) at the tightest measurement that you will want to wear the bodice. It is best to order smaller rather than larger. Since you will be wearing this over clothing, it is okay for there to be a small gap in between the lacings. See our size chart for measurements of sizes. The Fair Maidens Bodice comes in all black. The image above shows color trim, which is no longer available. Made in the USA.

Key Features:

  • Made from medium weight poly-cotton blend fabric
  • Can be worn with any of our shirts and chemises
  • Two laces in the front and one in the back
  • Features durable plastic boning
  • An all-black bodice
  • Made in the USA


  • X-Small/Small: Bust is 38 to 31 Inches, Waist is 24 to 27 Inches
  • Small/Medium: Bust is 32 to 35 Inches, Waist is 28 to 31 Inches
  • Medium/Large: Bust is 36 to 39 Inches, Waist is 32 to 35 Inches
  • Large/X-Large: Bust is 40 to 43 Inches, Waist is 36 to 39 Inches
  • X-Large/XX-Large: Bust is 44 to 47 Inches, Waist is 40 to 43 Inches


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