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Elfling Raider Arrows – Set of 6

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Most intruders never know that the rangers are stalking them. Nor are they aware of the arrows that might be sent their way, to deal with a suspected threat. These Elfling Raider Arrows are a set of six arrows straight out of fantasy. Sporting a distinctive look and style, these arrows are made from poplar wood with a pale green finish and stain. Matched fletching has a gentle, streamlined curve, while the reinforced self-nock is wrapped in gold cord for contrast and added strength. Each arrow is tipped with a bodkin style field point, to ensure that the Elfling Raider Arrow has all the penetrative power it needs to take down a goblin, a warg, an orc, or anything else that intrudes upon the lands of the fae folk.

Key Features:

  • Hand-crafted entirely in farm raised poplar wood
  • High quality – very durable and shoots extremely well
  • Sold in a set of 6 arrows
  • Each set is hand-spined to 5 pound groupings
  • Each arrow has a gold-wrapped reinforced self-nock
  • Tipped with bodkin style field points
  • Has a green stain finish with elegant green fletching
  • Great for target shooting, competition, hunting, and practice

How to Order:

Order arrows to match the draw length and draw weight of your bow. These arrows are all 31 inches in length, and so should be fired only from bows that have a 31 inch draw length or shorter. They are available in many different draw weights, which you should match as closely as possible to your bow.


  • Arrow Length: 31 Inches


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