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Leather Tankard Strap - Black

When you are not sitting in a medieval or fantasy tavern, you need a place to keep your tankard. Carry it with you this black Leather Tankard Strap. This tankard accessory is ideal for many different LARP and cosplay ensembles.

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The tankard was the vessel of choice for both peasant and prince alike, once upon a time, and now, it can be your drinking vessel of choice, too. And if you prefer to be a bit more princely in your style, then this Elegant Tankard is the one for you. It is the little features that set this tankard off from all the others and make it a truly elegant choice. It is made entirely from 100 percent lead free pewter, which ensures that it is perfectly safe for use, and as a bonus, it can also be engraved at a later date, should the owner wish to commemorate a certain event. The tankard features a glass bottom, as well as a Georgian scroll handle, which gives it that little touch of glass that makes it a more noble choice. It also features a round plaque in the front, which is perfect for engraving, should the desire ever arise. If you are going for a noble look, then it is all in the bearing and all in the accessories. So do not be caught dead drinking from a paupers cup, not when you can instead imbibe your drink of choice from something as noble as this Elegant Tankard.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from 100 Percent Lead Free Pewter
  • Fully Functional and Safe for Use
  • Features a Glass Bottom
  • Decorated with a Georgian Scroll Handle
  • Great for Medieval Themed Feasts, Re-Enactments, and Parties
  • A Spectacular Gift for Yourself or a Loved One


  • Height: 5 Inches
  • Volume: 0.5 liters


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