Elegant Steampunk Women’s Teardrop Hat

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Elegance and sophistication are the styles of the Victorian era, and so too do they mark the neo-Victorian era and its steam-powered design! This Elegant Steampunk Womens Teardrop Hat has it in the name, and its look does not disappoint. The hat is dark in coloration, featuring a delicate tea drop form hat with a black velvet crown that is accented with a matched black velvet flower. Black pleated lace wraps the brim of the hat, while the classic cameo, also in black and decorated with beads, adds the final touch to the hat. A grosgrain ribbon bow adorns the back and two matched ribbons drape the sides, for convenient and easy wearing. Delicate yet lovely, this Elegant Steampunk Womens Teardrop Hat is a choice accessory, one that will easily bring out the best in any look you wear it with!

Because the hat is hand-made, some features, such as decorations and their placement, may vary from what is shown above.

Key Features:

  • Entirely hand-made
  • Crafted with a tea drop form hat
  • Decorated with a black velvet flower, black lace, and a matched cameo
  • Has black grosgrain ribbon ties
  • Worn via an attached clip
  • Looks great with casual and formal looks
  • Evokes a classic Victorian style


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