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Edward Darkened Knight Complete Armour Set

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Edward Darkened Cuirass

You face each other once again in a battle between good and evil. Your nemesis challenges you in a duel that requires all your evil skill. Be well armored in the fierce style and strong defense of the Edward Darkened Cuirass.

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Edward Darkened Spaulders

Those foolish retainers have forgotten their position under your dark rule. A mighty tyrant like you will easily put them in their place. Do so with dark medieval flair by setting the Edward Darkened Spaulders on your shoulders.

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Edward Darkened Full Arm Armour

What fools! You observe the unarmored raging into battle. They return battered and bruised. No pity rests in your cold heart. You are a dark knight after all, and you are no fool, so you wear the Edward Darkened Full Arm Armour.

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Edward Darkened Tassets

To plot and herald world destruction is the job of the dark knight. How is it that you find your role reversed? Why harm yourself when forced to do good? Ensure your upper legs remain uninjured with the Edward Darkened Tassets.

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Edward Darkened Helmet

You don your dark knight armour with pride. Your black heart fills with evil glee when the weak shirk away in fear. The Edward Darkened Helmet will terrify the hearts of the timid while increasing your defense in LARP battles.

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Edward Darkened Leg Guards

No soul is pure evil, but yours comes close. A wicked knight deserves armour to match a black heart. Onlookers must instantly comprehend your dark role. Keep a steady foot down the heinous path with the Edward Darkened Leg Guards.

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Edward Darkened Greaves

You never know what forgotten secrets and strange magic are uncovered in your quest for power. The enchanted skull that bit you remains forever in your memory, so you wear the Edward Darkened Greaves on your forbidden ventures.

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Arthur Canvas Gambeson Set – optional

When you want excellent protection during battle, the Arthur Canvas Gambeson Set is your ideal solution. The padded armour includes a gambeson, tassets, and sleeves in a versatile set that can be worn in different combinations.

Medieval Padded Cap – optional

This long, padded arming cap makes a good choice when wearing a bascinet or other half-closed helmets where reinforcement to the neck and back is appreciated. The Medieval Padded Cap features a design made from quilted cotton.

Richard Steel Chainmail Coif – optional

Bolster your armoured look with the Richard Steel Chainmail Coif. This steel chainmail hood covers the head, neck, and shoulders. Wear it on its own over an arming cap, or wear it underneath a helmet for an extra level of protection.

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Richard Darkened Chainmail Gauntlets – optional

Awake! Make Haste! The castle is under siege. The good king and queen are in peril. Prepare yourselves and be girded with a strong defense. Wisely guard your chivalrous hands with the Richard Darkened Chainmail Gauntlets.

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Richard Darkened Chainmail Skirt – optional

The playful and peaceful spirit of the courts is a delightful contrast to the raging battlefield. A hard-earned victory calls for merriment. Let the villagers praise the proud soldier draped in the Richard Darkened Chainmail Skirt.

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Kasimir Canvas Trousers – optional

The Kasimir Canvas Trousers offer a well-cut piece of period clothing that perfectly suits a wide range of historical looks. The medieval pants can be paired with different shirts in order to go with peasant or nobleman attire.

Johann Half-Boots – optional

Sometimes you do not want to have to buy a different set of shoes or boots for every costume. Wear the Johann Half-Boots with a variety of outfits. They are ideal for adding to an ensemble or fantasy role for a LARP event or faire.

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For the soldiers who dwell in the shadows with a dark heart, the Edward Darkened Knight Complete Armour Set is the perfect choice for an armour set. Firstly, this armour set includes most of the Darkened Edward armour pieces. A variety of optional pieces are also available, including chainmail. For instance, there are three pieces of chainmail that you can add to the ensemble. Besides the chainmail, there are other pieces to choose from such as arming wear and clothing items. For example, the medieval arming wear includes a gambeson and cap. In addition, the clothing items include trousers and boots.

With this wide array of options, this complete armour bundle thus allows you to easily create a truly terrifying appearance. You can save 5 percent on the whole ensemble by purchasing this knight armour package. Finally, any knight can wear this Darkened Edward armour set to LARP events, conventions, or light reenactments.

Key Features:

  • Includes full Darkened Edward Armour
  • Multiple optional pieces to choose from
  • Easy way to create a truly terrifying look
  • Save 5 percent on armour package
  • Especially great for LARP and fantasy events

Here is what you get:

  • Edward Darkened Cuirass #MY100220
  • Edward Darkened Spaulders #MY100216
  • Edward Darkened Full Arm Armour #MY100208
  • Edward Darkened Tassets #MY100218
  • Edward Darkened Helmet #MY100214
  • Edward Darkened Leg Guards #MY100210
  • Edward Darkened Greaves #MY100212

Optional Accessories:

  • Arthur Canvas Gambeson Set #MY100133
  • Medieval Padded Cap #MH-CL0504
  • Richard Steel Chainmail Coif #MY100649
  • Richard Darkened Chainmail Gauntlets #MY100234
  • Richard Darkened Chainmail Skirt #MY100236
  • Kasimir Canvas Trousers #MY100098
  • Johann Half-Boots #MY100956


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