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Dragon with Slumbering Fairy Statue

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When you have a ferocious pet dragon guarding you at all times, there is no need to sleep with one eye open. The Dragon with Slumbering Fairy Statue depicts a fairy woman enjoying one such moment of safe and scaly slumber. This hand-painted resin statue portrays a dark-haired fairy dressed in pink asleep on the snow beside a large black dragon. Her head rests on its neck, and her pink and blue wings hang loosely behind her, drooping as her body relaxes. The dragon keeps watch over her, its tail wrapped protectively around her leg and its wings held up in a formidable display. The Dragon with Slumbering Fairy Statue makes a beautiful piece of home decor for any lover of fantasy.

Key Features:

  • Displays an intricate level of lifelike detail
  • Hand-painted in vivid colors
  • Makes a great decor piece for any fantasy statue collection


  • Made from cold cast resin


  • Height: 11.5 Inches


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