Dragon Slayer Art Scroll

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It takes courage to face a dragon in battle and even more to get this close! This Dragon Slayer Art Scroll depicts a dangerous but effective way to slay a dragon and the courageous knight who was brave enough to make the attempt. One can only imagine how pitched and fevered a battle it must have been up until this point, with man battling beast until he could get this close. Truly, this knight has mastered his fear. This art scroll is a reproduction of one of fantasy artworks of Tom Wood, named Dragon Slayer. The art scroll depicts a classic medieval knight dressed in plate armor, a great helm, and a red tunic and cape as he deals the deathblow to a dragon that plagues his kingdom. The death of the dragon is captured in this work, depicting the beast mid-lunge, mouth wide and teeth ready to crush the knight into oblivion. The knight wins out, though, his longsword piercing through the dragons mouth and out the top of its skull. This wall scroll is made in polyurethane, and it reproduces the art perfectly. Two black scroll ends frame the art, one of which is attached to a short black cord for easy hanging and display. Like a scene straight out of a fairy tale or medieval story, this Dragon Slayer Art Scroll depicts that pivotal moment when the valiant knight clashes with the evil beast and comes out the victor of the struggle.

Key Features:

  • Showcases the artwork of fantasy artist Tom Wood
  • Features his Dragon Slayer work
  • Art depicts an armored knight slaying a fearsome dragon
  • Quick and easy to hang and display
  • A stunning medieval piece of wall decor


  • Made of polyurethane


  • Length: 10 Inches
  • Width: 12 Inches


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