Dragon Claw Knotwork Necklace


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The intricate design of this unique accessory blends fantasy and Celtic details together into a striking piece of jewelry. The Dragon Claw Knotwork Necklace features a pair of dragon heads on each side of a Celtic knot. A dragon claw drop stone hangs from the bottom of the knot. Red crystal accents appear as the eyes of the dragons, and a yellow crystal accent decorates the center of the knotwork. The necklace chain connects to each side by the back of the dragon heads. Crafted from lead free metal, the fantasy necklace displays a silvery sheen. When you want a striking statement piece for your outfit, you cannot do much better than this bold dragon necklace!

Key Features:

  • Displays dragon heads with Celtic knotwork and drop stone
  • Dropstone is framed by a dragon claw
  • Synthetic gemstones decorate dragon heads and knot
  • Chain connects to each side
  • Makes a great accessory or gift


  • Made from lead free metal


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