Double-Sided Classic Lion Rampant Pendant


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The Double-Sided Classic Lion Rampant Pendant captures the spirit of this Irish symbol. Symbolizing bravery, valor, and royalty, this piece does a magnificent job at balancing history with a contemporary piece of jewelry. This pendant depicts a lion that is standing erect with his forepaws raised. One hind leg is extended forward ready to strike which varies to which ever local custom you follow. This piece is crafted from Sterling silver and also double sided to create a unique vision of this classic symbol. A wonderful item for anyone who admires Scottish history, the Double-Sided Classic Lion Rampant Pendant will not disappoint.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from quality Sterling silver
  • Displays a lion rampant
  • Inspired by Irish culture
  • Great for gifting and casual wear
  • Does not include a chain


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