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Double Headed Large Hawk


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Some tomahawks are made for show and some are made for use. This Double Headed Large Hawk is one that is made for use, featuring a balance and a level of construction that makes this tomahawk fun and easy to throw, either for fun or for competition. This tomahawk features a heavy, high-carbon steel axe head that features a distinctive design, possessing two axe blades as opposed to the typical one. An extra blade increases the weight and therefor, the impact, while also giving the wielder a second edge to throw with. The axe-bits possess shaped edges designed for splitting, which means that they will stick in targets and wood when thrown properly. This hawk also possesses a straight hickory wood handle. This axe is made for throwing and will withstand years of use. It comes with a 17 inch long handle, while the axe head has a length that measures approximately 10 inches. A Double Headed Large Hawk like this one is a fairly non-traditional axe to throw, although it is not without its advantages, which include a greater level of impact and two effective blades to choose from when setting up to throw.

Key Features:

  • Blade is Crafted from Heavy High Carbon Steel
  • Axe Head is Fitted onto a Hickory Wood Handle
  • Balanced and Weighted for Throwing
  • A Rugged, Sturdy, and Strong Weapon
  • A Great Throwing Axe for Practice or Competition


  • Axe Blade Width: 3 Inches
  • Axe Blade Length: 10 Inches
  • Handle Length: 17 Inches


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