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Double Direwolf Wrist Cuffs


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Imagine finding yourself face to face with not one, but two fearsome looking direwolves, their silver coats glistening in the light. While the actual beasts would be quite ferocious, these Double Direwolf Wrist Cuffs are a bit tamer, at least in part. These attractive wrist cuffs are crafted from high quality 7/8 oz. leather, which gives them a durability and a strength that makes them quite protective, although their shape also helps to make them lighter, making them a great choice to wear if you are looking for impressive style without the weight or coverage of a typical bracer. The wrist cuffs have an almost all-silver coloration, possessing ornate black detailing that traces out a pair of snarling direwolves as they face off along the cuffs leather length. The wolves are inverted when compared to one another, ensuring that when you wear them, one is always face up and one is always face down. The wrist cuffs are easy to wear, featuring a trio of lacers on each side that, when combined with the included leather laces, allow you to secure them around your wrist or forearm in a fit that is appropriate for your level of comfort. These wrist cuffs are hand crafted and made right here in the USA. The Double Direwolf Wrist Cuffs are a great accessory to add to any style of fantasy attire, making them a great choice to wear when you are looking to create your own warrior or noble look from a variety of fantasy realms, as well as a great piece to wear when you are headed off to your next renaissance fair or local convention!

Key Features:

  • Worn Via Grommets and Included Lacing
  • Decorated with Two Snarling Direwolf Heads
  • Sold as a Matched Pair
  • A comfortable and stylish fantasy accessory
  • Great for LARP Battles, Renaissance Fairs, and More


  • Crafted from Top Quality 7/8 oz. Leather

Measurements (When Laid Flat):

  • Length: 8 Inches
  • Width: 2.75 Inches


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