Diamond Heart Necklace


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A dragon can be a powerful ally, but is it safe to trust one that has a heart of diamond? Consider carefully before answering, and you might gain a powerful ally in the dragon of the Diamond Heart Necklace. This attractive gothic pendant is made almost entirely from darkened pewter, creating a darkly colored but richly detailed dragon. The dragon neck acts as the anchor for the necklace chain, while the dragon wings wrap protectively around its body, just barely revealing a large, glittering Swarovski crystal heart. It is this crystals diamond-like appearance that gives the necklace its name. The dragon wings are studded with several smaller Swarovski crystals, while the dragon tail curls around beneath its body. As stunning as it is intriguing, the Diamond Heart Necklace is a beautiful item to wear yourself or to gift to a friend or loved one.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted from pewter
  • Comes on a chain
  • Displays a dragon with crystal accents
  • Goes great with gothic ensembles
  • Makes a fantastic gift or personal accessory


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