Demonic Nightmare Mask


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Conjurers and summoners had best beware. Should a ritual or an incantation go wrong, they may mistakenly summon something from the dark realms. This Demonic Nightmare Mask depicts just such a thing, its mouth opened wide in a dream-rending roar. This devilish mask offers a tanned, brown coloration for skin, wrinkled and creased over its surface. Fear is this masks design, enhanced by glaring red eyes and black horns, as well as a wide, roaring maw filled with off-white fangs. The mask is made entirely of high-quality latex, with hidden eye-slits so the wearer can easily see out. This is what a nightmare truly looks like in the flesh, and now you can make that look your own by donning this Demonic Nightmare Mask.

Key Features:

  • Overhead mask with demonic design
  • Creates the look of a roaring devil
  • Covers the entire head and neck
  • Hidden eye-slits provide vision
  • Fantastic for Halloween, theater, or other costumed events


  • Made from high-quality latex


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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