Defenders of the Alamo Dark Wood Display Plaque


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The Battle of the Alamo was a pivotal point in the Texas Revolution, one that inspired native Texans to join the Texan Army. The Defenders of the Alamo Dark Wood Display Plaque displays the preferred pistol of the soldiers who fought there. The impact of the battle at the Alamo mission was huge, serving as a catalyst that had many Texans and Americans in an outrage. It was the cruelty of the attacking Mexican army, under Santa Anna, that drove many people to volunteer, bolstering Texas forces and giving them the numbers and the drive needed to defeat the Mexican Army. This attractive plaque features, as its primary display, a famous Kentucky Pistol, with its wooden stock, brass finished features, and blued barrel. The pistol also features a working flintlock mechanism, which makes it a great prop weapon as well as an attractive display piece. The pistol is mounted on spring-loaded, gold finished hangers that feature heraldic emblems. Underneath the pistol is a print that depicts the Alamo Mission in Texas. Also featured is a brass identification plaque, which names the pistol and gives the date of the Alamo. All this is fitted onto an attractive, yet simply styled wooden plaque that features a rich, dark-hued coloration. The plaque measures approximately 18 inches long and 7 inches tall. Those with an interest in both history and war will certainly find this Defenders of the Alamo Dark Wood Display Plaque to be a great one, and it has a particularly compelling appeal to those who show a personal interest in the Texas Revolution and the battles that were fought to achieve Texan independence from Mexico.

Key Features:

  • A High-Quality Replica Flintlock Pistol
  • Pistol is Decorated with Brass Finished Features
  • Pistol Possesses a Working Flintlock Mechanism
  • Has Ornate Gold Finished Heraldic Hangers
  • Brass Name Plate Identifies Pistol and Alamo
  • Adorned with a Print of the Alamo Mission, in Texas
  • Frame Possesses a Luxurious Dark Coloration


  • Made of wood and zinc alloy


  • Length: 18 Inches
  • Height: 7 Inches
  • Weight: 5 lbs.


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