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Defender of the Dark Sword


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Not all who defend fight for the greater good. No sword symbolizes that better than the Defender of the Dark Sword, with its long blade and its decidedly nefarious skull-based theme. Wreathed in skulls and simplicity, this sword means business and its business is likely not good for anyone else. The cast-metal pommel depicts a single, wicked skull, fully displaying a toothy grin, while the grip consists of a contoured, ribbed section which ensures a secure grip. The guard consists of a single skull, complete with its toothy grin that extends onto the blade. The skull is set on a section of cast-metal, decorated by several smaller skull designs, which make up the crossbar of the guard. For a sword this size, the blade is fairly narrow, adding agility to this considerably weapon. Perhaps the Defender of the Dark Sword is for those who fight unseen or for those who fight for cause unknown or unwanted.

Key Features:

  • Includes Display Plaque
  • Cast-Metal Guard
  • Dark Skull Design


  • Overall Length: 44 Inches


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