Deadpool Bust Bank

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If two crossed pistols, two crossed katana, and a masked mercenary cannot keep thieves away from your money then who can? This Deadpool Bust Bank is your best bet at scaring away those evil forces that have their eyes on your coins! Displaying a stunning level of authentic detail, this desk bank depicts Deadpool wearing his iconic red and black suit. He crosses his pistols in front of his chest, and his black katana poke up from behind his back. A slot is also on his back, giving you the ability to easily deposit your coins. You can also easily take your coins out whenever you want, thanks to a secure yet easy to open closure on the bottom. A licensed Marvel product, this Deadpool Bust Bank is the perfect item for fans of the Merc with a Mouth!

Key Features:

  • Depicts Deadpool from Marvel Comics
  • Features authentic details and stunning colors
  • Holds a large amount of change and other small trinkets
  • Secure closure allows you to take out your money whenever you want
  • Licensed Marvel bust bank
  • Great for personal use or as a special gift


  • Height: 5 Inches
  • Width: 6.5 Inches


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