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Dead Men Tell No Tales Waist Belt

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Our Dead Men Tell No Tales Belt has a fierce looking skull and crossbones as a buckle and features silver pirate skulls all around the length of the belt. This leather belt is 1.5 inches wide and can be worn with your pirate garb, over your shirt, or even over a waist sash, or you can wear this with your everyday clothes, as the belt will fit through normal belt loops on jeans. This stylish belt is available in black or red. The sizes are Small (28-35), Medium (33-40), Large (38-45), and X-Large (43-50).

Key Features:

  • Heavy duty belt buckle
  • Fierce looking skull and crossbones
  • Studded with skulls around the length of the belt
  • A must for any Pirate


  • Small: Fits a 28-35 Inch Waist
  • Medium: Fits a 33-40 Inch Waist
  • Large: Fits a 38-45 Inch Waist
  • X-Large: Fits a 43-50 Inch Waist


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