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DC Comics Harley Quinn Magnet

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Lips curve into a bright, innocent smile. Voice lifts in joyful lilt as she gracefully dons the mantle of royal court jester. Do not be fooled by the festive attire of the trickster exhibited by the DC Comics Harley Quinn Magnet. This dark beauty must not be underestimated. While maintaining a cheerful grin and talking sweetly, the Maiden of Mischief aims her gun without qualm. She bares an arsenal of sinister jokes and lethal trickery, striking with deadly efficiency. Enjoy the violent beauty of this clever criminal with this nifty magnet decorating your automobile or refrigerator.

Key Features:

    • Decorative magnet that combines style and function
    • Die cut design for vehicle and other metallic surfaces
    • Features the Maiden of Mischief in villainous glory
    • The perfect gift for Harley Quinn fans everywhere


    • Height: 4.5 Inches
    • Width: 4 Inches


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