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DC Comics Harley Quinn Button Set

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An acrobatic leap into the air ends with a gun pressed to the head. The Maiden of Mischief gained the advantage. Beware the singsong voice and the insane grin, her victims only find pain in the DC Comics Harley Quinn Button Set. A darkly festive image of this female supervillain appears on each button. The Clown Princess appears in her classic jester costume. Only this femme fatale could take an innocent, joyful image and turn it into something so sinister. She brings forth an endless arsenal. No one knows what she will pull out next. Admire this clever criminal by collecting the buttons fashioned after her villainous image.

Key Features:

    • DC Comics supervillain set with four buttons
    • Each button displays a DC Comics character image
    • Features close-ups of the Clown Princess, Harley Quinn
    • An excellent gift for fans of the classic Harley Quinn


    • Button Diameter: 1.25 Inches


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