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DC Comics Bombshells Button Set

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Let all DC Comic fans prepare to delve into yet another exciting universe. War World II rages long. Our most trusted superheroes must guard the homefront. Admire these fantastic heroines with the DC Comics Bombshells Button Set. These women of justice updated their style into the 1940s inspired dieselpunk. Harley Quinn dons the iconic flight jacket and goggles. Wonder Woman trades in her traditional tiara for a riveting bandana. Super-Girl robes herself in the red scarf and the daring make-up of the classic era. Batgirl converts her trademark mask into the aviator style. Join these fearless femme fatales as they fight for truth and justice.

Key Features:

    • DC Comics superhero set with four buttons
    • Each button displays a DC Comics character image
    • Features close-ups of Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Super-Girl, and Batgirl
    • A perfect collectible for fans of the DC Comics Bombshells


    • Button Diameter: 1.25 Inches


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