Dark Wood Pistol Replica Display Box


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The Dark Wood Pistol Replica Display Box safely stores your treasured collectibles while allowing all to admire and appreciate the rich history of said pieces. This clear pane display case is just the right size for a western revolver. Crafted in the USA, this display case is made from furniture grade native hardwood. A clear top pane ensures your items are still viewable while being protected from damage and dust. Add you own foam padding to keep collectibles in place, whether you choose to hang the display case on a wall or set it on a counter. Two brass-colored clasps secure the lid.

Key Features:

  • Crafted in the USA
  • Clear top pane showcases your collectibles
  • Possesses a dark wood grain finish
  • Displays replica pistols, knifes, and other memorabilia


  • Made of Alder
  • Fittings are metal


  • Length: 17.5 Inches
  • Width: 10 Inches
  • Depth: 3 Inches


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