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Unfortunately, the donning of the Dark Sorcerer Mens Costume does not confer knowledge of any dark arts, so there will be no turning of random people into frogs or smiting them with lightning or fire. It does, however, make you look extremely cool. This costume consists, primarily, of a billowy and voluminous black, full-length robe that easily renders a level of intrigue and mystique unto the wearer with minimal effort. Also included with this costume, to further the image of a master of the dark arts, is a hood with an attached cape collar, a waist sash to tie the robe at the waist, and a jeweled bat medallion, a focus of nefarious and dark power. The Dark Sorcerer Mens Costume is an easy to wear and effective Halloween costume that is just as good for casual dress-up as it is for the holiday. The costume is also brilliant when used by spell casters during any fantasy fairs, festivals, conventions, or even if used as a stage costume for a wicked wizard or sorcerer.

Key Features:

  • Superior quality Halloween costume
  • Includes robe, hooded cape, waist sash, and bat medallion
  • Robe, hooded cape, and sash feature velvet texture detail
  • Great for costume parties and Halloween
  • Fantastic set of robes for fantasy fairs, festivals and conventions


  • Made of polyester

Chest Circumference Waist Circumference
Medium 38-40 inches 32-34 inches
Large 42-44 inches 36-38 inches
X-Large 46-48 inches 40-42 inches


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