Daffodil Stick Barrette

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What flower better encapsulates the promise of spring better than the daffodil! With a design inspired by this beautiful blossom, the Daffodil Stick Barrette affixes easily to your hair with a slender hair stick. Handcrafted from stainless steel with copper and brass accents, this artisan barrette features the pointed brass petals of its flower around a copper corona. The hair stick passes through holes that appear at each end of the curved metal band. The gleaming metal of this piece will shine brightly in the sun, making it a charming floral hair accessory for your favorite springtime ensembles!

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Key Features:

  • Handcrafted from stainless steel, copper, and brass
  • Stick runs through the barrette to affix it to hair
  • Displays a daffodil flower design
  • Fantastic gift idea or personal accent


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