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Customizable Belt Harness

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Do you ever wish that you could change your sword frog into a quiver, or your quiver into a sword frog, without any added hassle or fuss? This Customizable Belt Harness allows you to do just that, possessing an effective and easy-to-use modular design. The harness itself consists of a black leather plate attached to two belt loops. A ring of grommets pierces the plate. These grommets, when allied with pieces like the Swordtube Piece (LP0408) or the Quiver Piece (LP0404), are used to tie fixtures in place, allowing you to make this Customizable Belt Harness into exactly what you need it to be, right when you need it the most!

Key Features:

  • Crafted from fine black leather
  • Easily worn on belts via two belt loops
  • Fitted with an arrangement of open grommets
  • Designed to be customized by the wearer
  • Compatible with LP0404 and LP0408 (quiver and swordtube, respectively)


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