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The mechanics of a crossbow are responsible for making it a favored weapon among soldiers and hunters of the medieval era, but the bolt is what made it so deadly. Be sure you are always prepared to fire your weapon with these Crossbow Bolts. Constructed from a wooden shaft, these bolts feature fletching on the rear to help stabilize them in flight. A forged head protrudes from the front of the bolt, enhancing its penetrating capabilities. A necessary sidekick to your medieval crossbow, these Crossbow Bolts are the key to hitting your target with brutal force.

Key Features:

  • Designed for use with all of our AH- model crossbows
  • Shaft is constructed from solid wood
  • Features a cap with a forged head and fletching for a smooth flight
  • Offered as an individual bolt


  • Bolt Length: 11 Inches


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