Crawling Zombie Statue


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Cutting down a zombie does not mean that you have taken care of the creature. In fact, now you might have just created a crawler! This Crawling Zombie Statue is a good reminder that a zombie without legs is still a threat, just on a different level. After all, you cannot spend all your time looking down or you will never see the zombie running straight at you until it is too late! This statue depicts a debilitated zombie that is not yet quite down for the count. Legless, this half-decayed creature now pulls itself along on the ground, head angled up in a growl as it seeks to take a bite out of the first living leg it encounters. The undead statue is made from high quality cold cast resin, and it is hand painted for a classic, decaying zombie appearance. Of course, come the apocalypse, zombies like this will be all too common, so they will still be something to look out for. Before that, though, they are not something you see every day, and that makes this Crawling Zombie Statue a great little way to celebrate your love of all zombies and a good reminder to watch your footing, too.

Key Features:

  • Depicts a legless, decaying crawler zombie
  • Grayish zombie features red wounds and screaming face
  • Hand painted to bring all the details to life
  • Features an extreme level of detail
  • Great decoration or personal collectible for horror fans


  • Made of cold cast resin


  • Length: 9 Inches


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