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Count Grade Mail Voiders


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Mail voiders are sewn to an undergarment to protect the arms from gaps in the plate armor that occur there. The Count Grade Mail Voiders offer high-quality mail underarm protection to improve the fit and comfort of your armor. Wedge riveting like what is used in these voiders became popular in the 1300s and was used until the demise of mail. Alternating rows of solid punched rings and riveted rings predominated until late in the period, when all-riveted construction became more popular. This style of mail is well able to withstand supervised weapons-contact re-enactment. This item is crafted from 17 gauge mild steel. Construction is in the 4 in 1 pattern. This item includes voiders for both arms.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from 17 gauge mild steel
  • Uses 4 in 1 chainmail pattern
  • Has a 9mm inner ring diameter
  • Includes left and right mail voiders
  • Features flat ring and wedge riveted construction
  • Great for weapon re-enactments
  • Made by GDFB

Care Instructions:

  • Coat mail with a silicon or rust-preventative spray, such as WD-40
  • Should be stored in a ventilated plastic tub in a warm, dry location


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