Cosmic Unicorns T-Shirt

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Unicorns are symbols of majesty and grace, and this Cosmic Unicorns T-Shirt does that legendary reputation justice. These mystical unicorns are designed with such incredible detail that they appear to prance right off of the shirt! This relaxed fit t-shirt is made from heavy duty cotton, making it a comfortable as well as a fun addition to your wardrobe. Three beautiful white unicorns are depicted mid-stride, their iconic horns twinkling with their inner brilliance. Sparkling dust flies from the ground and into the air above them, adding a touch of magic everywhere they go. Another unicorn gallops off in the distance amidst a ray of pink cosmic light. These vivid details pop against the dark purple color of the shirt. Add an element of fantasy and wonder to your wardrobe with the Cosmic Unicorns T-Shirt.

Key Features:

  • Depicts three magical unicorns
  • Made from 100 percent heavy-duty cotton with reinforced seams
  • Relaxed fit t-shirt
  • Pre-shrunk and machine washable
  • Fun and comfortable to wear
  • Great for everyday wear and a fantastic gift idea


  • Small: Fits a 36.1 Inch chest and a 26.04 Inch length
  • Medium: Fits a 39.90 Inch chest and a 27.9 Inch length
  • Large: Fits a 43.7 Inch chest and a 29.76 Inch length
  • X-Large: Fits a 47.5 Inch chest and a 30.69 Inch length
  • XX-Large: Fits a 49.4 Inch chest and a 32.55 Inch length
  • XXX-Large: Fits a 53.2 Inch chest and a 34.41 Inch length


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