Copper Dragon Tai Chi Sword

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Standing at the precipice, the fighter turns to face her adversary. She extends her arm, the Copper Dragon Tai Chi Sword reflecting the morning light. She is calm, secure in the training that has led her to this moment. The stainless steel blade flashes as she parries a mighty blow. Wings unfurled, the copper dragon stands at the guard to protect her hand from harm. The twin golden tassels dance with every elegant movement. Hanging from her hip, the black scabbard with engraved ornaments is ready to protect the Copper Dragon Tai Chi Sword once the battle has reached its conclusion. Upon returning home, the fighter will display the jian sword prominently in her collection, a trophy from her worthy quest.

Key Features:

  • Completely decorative
  • Stainless steel construction with silver finish blade
  • Black metal handle with copper colored dragon ornamentation
  • Pommel has a dual golden yellow tassel
  • Matching black scabbard with dragon engraving and intricate metal accents


  • Overall Length: 39 Inches
  • Weight With Scabbard: 1.6 Lbs.
  • Weight Without Scabbard: 1 Lbs.
  • Grip Diameter: 1.5 Inches


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