Copper and Brass Leaves Bracelet


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What do you get when you pair natural designs with gleaming metal finishes? First you get this Copper and Brass Leaves Bracelet. But you also get a fine artisanal accessory whose appealing style makes it a great accent to wear with almost any look. The bracelet consists of a stainless steel cuff base that is richly decorated with a series of copper metal leaves. Carved lines in the leaves create a delicate texture simulating the real thing, while brass lines add accent to the overall design. The bracelet is offered in one size but can be gently bent to adjust the size and suit the wearers need. Metallic gold and brown hues give this Copper and Brass Leaves Bracelet a beautiful autumnal look, although you do not have to wait for the fall season to show off this accessory’s beauty.

Key Features:

  • Hand crafted from quality metals and materials
  • Polished stainless steel base offers a beautiful silver gleam
  • Accented with a series of copper leaf and brass line decorations
  • An adjustable cuff style bracelet
  • A stunning personal accent or a great gift idea


  • Can be gently bent, allowing the bracelet to be adjusted to fit many different sizes.


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