ConQuest Undead Complete Armour Set

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Enjoy your next LARP role to the fullest as an eternal warrior of the Bone Queen with the ConQuest Undead Complete Armour Set. This officially licensed set includes all the body armour needed to join the ranks of the Undead Flesh. A breastplate, backplate, faulds and tassets protect the torso and hips. A set of articulated spaulders and arm bracers guard the shoulders and forearms. Cuisses, poleyns, and demi-greaves form the full leg armour. Fashioned from 18-gauge galvanized mild steel, the armour possesses a dark metal finish, coated with a special rust resistant treatment. Leather buckle straps secure and adjust the fit of each armour piece. Made from a lightweight black cotton fabric, the sleeveless, open-sided tabard displays a skull insignia on its front flap. A brass buckle and studs decorate the matching black leather belt. The pictured Undead Helmet is available separately.

To properly maintain your steel armour, always keep the metal pieces away from water and lightly oiled to prevent rusting. Occasionally clean the armour with metal polish and re-oil them. Leather care products must be used to maintain the leather fittings as well.

Key Features

  • Officially licensed Undead Flesh armour
  • Possesses a dark metal finish
  • Treated with an oxidation resistant coating
  • Features the cuirass, pauldrons, tassets, and full leg armour
  • Includes the bracers, tabard with insignia, and studded belt
  • Perfect for ConQuest and other LARP events


  • Armour crafted from 18 gauge galvanized mild steel
  • Fittings made from top-grain leather
  • Tabard fashioned from light cotton fabric
  • Care Instructions- Keep away from water. Clean with a metal polish and re-oil occasionally to properly maintain the armour. Use Leather care products for the fittings.


  • Arm Bracers: Wrist – 6.5 Inches, Forearm – 8 Inches, Length – 10.5 Inches
  • Greaves: Ankle – 8 Inches, Calf – 10 Inches, Length – 13.5 Inches
  • Medium Cuirass: Chest – 40 to 46 Inches, Waist – 40 to 44 Inches, Shoulder to Waist – 24 Inches
  • Large Cuirass: Chest – 46 to 53 Inches, Waist – 46 to 50 Inches, Shoulder to Waist – 26 Inches
  • Tassets: Length – 12.5 Inches, Width – 13.5 Inches
  • Tabbard: 21 Inches Across, 55 Inches Long
  • Belt: Fits up to a 53 Inch Waist, 2 Inches Wide

These are measurements of the armour only. These measurements do not include the straps or buckles.

3 reviews for ConQuest Undead Complete Armour Set

  1. Joseph C.

    Above and beyond my expectations. Just simply an amazing set of armor and would recommend it to anyone who is really interested in spending the money. All pieces are dark as in the pictures provided. Only wish if any pertaining to this armor is I wish is came with a guide to put it together but after an hour of figuring it out much rejoice! You will not regret the purchase if you decide on buying this set of armor I promise.

  2. Sam R.

    The armor is cool…there are some downsides to it which I expected…the armor is heavier than it seems…easy to carry it in and up the stairs while in the box…heavier to actually wear it…the armor is slightly greasy again I’m not surprised…what I was surprised about though is that is it’s prep work and the fact it’s bulky so it requires help putting it on…for me at least…first armor and I am happy with it.

  3. Paul M.

    I am a novice maker and thought a set of armor would both be beneficial to my learning and enjoyment. I really enjoy the style of this armor. My purchase was easy, customer service was polite and it shipped really fast (received my order within a week of placement). My only disappointment was in the chest plate. Based on my measurements (44 Chest, 38 Waist) I was recommended the medium by customer service. The armor fits well through the chest but the midsection has such a tight angle that it was too tight around mid stomach. With a mild heat and some pressure I was able to shape the armor to my body type better. Not sure if the large size would’ve been better but overall I am pleased.

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