Complete Merc Armour Package

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Merc Steel Cuirass

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Merc Steel Tassets

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Merc Steel Pauldrons

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Ready For Battle Steel Arm Bracers

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Ready For Battle Steel Greaves

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The Complete Merc Armour Package will go a long way to making you look like a warrior fit for battle. This armour is definitely an effective set for a warrior, one that will keep you safe and secure on the field of battle. Well suited for the traditional mercenary, this armour is simple, straight-forward, and effective in it’s purpose. This armour package includes the Merc Steel Cuirass, the Merc Steel Tassets, the Merc Steel Pauldrons, the Ready For Battle Steel Arm Bracers, and the Ready For Battle Steel Greaves. The combination of leather and steel on the breastplate keeps a warrior agile and light, while the other pieces of steel armour protect vital areas. Of course, this armour will also make you look great, as nothing is more impressive than a warrior in gleaming steel armour. The metal parts of the armour are crafted from 18 gauge mild steel, while the leather pieces are made from 7/8 ounce leather. Most of the armour is worn using leather straps and buckles, although the tassets are designed to be tied into the steel pegs along the fauld of the breastplate. This Complete Merc Armour Package is as effective as it is impressive, and it is a great suit of armour to wear, whether you are just waltzing about at a renaissance fair or heading onto the field of battle for a theater production, a LARP encounter, or even an SCA reenactment (check with your local chapter to get approval first). Available with black or brown leather.

Key Features:

  • Has a Shiny, Polished Steel Finish
  • Great Armour for Any Warrior or Soldier to Wear
  • Worn Using Included Straps and Buckles
  • Offered in black or brown leather
  • Includes Breastplate, Back Plate, Tassets, Pauldrons, Bracers, and Greaves


  • Crafted from 18 Gauge Mild Steel and 7/8 oz. Leather
  • Fittings made from top-grain leather


  • Breastplate and Back Plate: Fits Between a 36-48 Inch Chest, 24 Inch Length
  • Pauldrons – Width (Top): 9 Inches, Width (Bottom): 7.5 Inches, Overall Length: 13 Inches
  • Bracers – Wrist: 5.5 Inches, Forearm: 7.5 Inches, Overall Length: 9 Inches
  • Tassets – Width: 8.5 Inches, Overall Length: 10 Inches
  • Greaves – Ankle: 6.5 Inches, Calf: 8 Inches, Overall Length: 12 Inches

These are the measurements of the armour only, and do not include the measurements of the straps and buckles. This will show you how much of your form the chosen piece of armour will cover. Please keep in mind that if you are planning on wearing a gambeson, heavily padded shirt, or anything with any possible added bulk under your armour, you should take your measurements while wearing the garments and order with that number in mind for your armour.

2 reviews for Complete Merc Armour Package

  1. Jake P.

    I ordered this armor set to play a Knight in my local Ren Faire in north-east Ohio. As an actor, I even got to fight in this for an entire season on our combat chess-board, so while any hits were choreographed, this thing really got “battle tested”. Short Review: If you’re looking for a cheap set of partial-plate armor for a cosplay, ren-faire, or theatrical performance, I would highly recommend this armor. It’s cheap, comfortable to wear, non-restrictive of movement, and looks a lot higher quality than you’d expect. However, please note that this is cheap steel and will bend and rust very easily. Like any armor, but especially this, extra care must be taken if it is ever dampened from rain, sweat, or the blood of your enemies. Rust comes off, but it’ll never quite look the same if you leave it for too long. Looks great and it will make you feel great because of it. We’ll keep the secret between us that if you ever take a broadsword to the chassis, it’s probably going to cave-in. More Info: The delivery was prompt, customer service was excellent, and it arrived neatly packaged and thoroughly oiled to prevent any kind of rust. The only frustration I had regarding the packaging involves the plastic wrapping that the armor was covered in. To seal it, it was almost as if they wrapped it up first and then bolted the tasset pins and strap buckles on AFTER, creating quite a painful task of digging out bits of plastic from behind buckles. To this day I believe there are still a few blackened pieces of plastic underneath one of my shoulder-straps I have yet to remove. As a man of small/average build, this armor fit me quite well (5ft 9, 155lbs). Even for my much thinner friend, however, note that the breastplate tends to be pinched in on the sides, causing it to ride up uncomfortably on the hips. Mine might have just been bent during shipping, but merely manually stretching the breastplate out “flatter” by about an inch made it far more comfortable. The armor isn’t heavy and allows for a good deal of mobility. The fight I preformed in this involved shoulder rolls, throws, and several falls and it wasn’t too restrictive. I strapped the pauldrons on extra tight during combat runs and they stayed firmly on my arms. The armor is comfortable enough to wear around for most of a hot faire day and fight in, but do be warned: the inside of the chassis will rust as you sweat and color your tabard/undershirt a delicious brown-color. The best way to prevent this (as I didn’t find out until too late) is to either place some plastic-wrap on the inside of your breastplate before you put it on, or just make sure you wipe out the inside of your armor after each use. This armor is cheap and made with soft steel. IT WILL BEND ON IMPACT. While this works perfectly for theatrical fights, if you plan on actually doing something where you are going to receive a lot of hits, your armor is going to get bent out of shape pretty badly. Fortunately, this also means that it bends BACK fairly easily. My fight partner missed a cut one afternoon and caved in a fairly decent sized gash on the breastplate, but a few hits on the flex-side with a mallet all but buffed it out. All in all, good buy! Really glad I grabbed this for my first armor set. It got the job done for what I needed, and it’s still holding strong for future costume needs. Be the best knight you can be for a low cost.

  2. Emil C.

    This was a wonderful item. The only issues were that the tassets had a hard time fitting onto the cuirass and the greaves ended up being a bit pinched. The greaves were somewhat fixable as you only need to push the metal to widen but the tassets just did not fit properly.

    I am very pleased as I wanted something lighter than chainmail and it was. It was very comfortable to wear and I can see wearing it a full day with no issue. When you’re tired, you can even lean onto the cuirass and take a nap while it props you up!

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