Colored Iron Man Mask Lapel Pin

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Having been featured in a number of comic books, TV shows, and films, the red and gold colors of Iron Mans suit are easily recognizable. This Colored Iron Man Mask Lapel Pin is an item that Marvel Comics fans will be sure to enjoy. Crafted from solid pewter, this licensed lapel pin features a stunning array of colors and intricate details. The pin exhibits the face of the helmet worn by billionaire Tony Stark as his heroic alter ego Iron Man, and it features a gleaming finish that will look stunning anywhere it is placed. Included with the lapel pin is a back piece, allowing for a secure closure. Look as great as the owner of Stark Industries with this Colored Iron Man Mask Lapel Pin attached to your shirt or jacket!

Key Features:

  • Made from solid pewter
  • Depicts the mask worn by Iron Man in Marvel Comics
  • Features striking attention to detail and stunning colors
  • Includes a secure back closure
  • Ideal for elegant or everyday wear
  • Great for adding an eye-catching accent anywhere


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